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With Avaya IP Office you move from being connected to being productive.

A complete phone system on-premise or in the cloud.


Avaya IP Office is flexible and powerful. Choose the features you need now and add new capabilities as your business grows. Support up to 3,000 users and 150 locations.
If you are not currently an Avaya Customer and want to understand the benefits of switching. Our Pre-Sales team can show you the important features and benefits before you commit.



Big business features for any size business.


Avaya IP Office offers flexible solutions to different sizes of business. Five editions offer a range of features to suit your business and budget so you can find one to fit. Avaya meets requirements from basic calling capabilities and collaboration tools to power-users needing a capable mobile solution.

Basic Edition: Ideal for small and growing businesses requiring basic telephony features. The Basic edition includes: Phone calls, messaging, voice mail. Additionally, it includes a message to email, call forwarding, audio conferencing, and automated attendant. A great start.

Essential Edition: Improves on the basic edition with extra mobility features. This option gives that little bit more.

Preferred Edition: All the features of Basic & Essential with unified communications (UC). UC includes instant messaging, web collaboration, mobile access video, and call recording. This edition enables a faster pace of working so you can keep growing.

Server Edition: Supporting up to 2,000 users and 32 locations. Server edition includes essential enterprise features. These features include active directory, centralised administration, and conference calling for up to 256 users so provides considerable scope.

IP Office Select: Provides total control over your setup. There are different user licences available to choose from. The different user licences have a range of features to meet different communication needs. A simple “Basic User” for example, covers all basic communication needs and would typically be used in common areas such as meeting rooms. “Office Worker” can be used with wired or wireless phones and is aimed, as the name suggests at office-based staff. Another example is “Power User” which is targeted at key knowledge workers with the need for both Mobile Worker and Teleworker functionality.



Easy to use, cost-effective to maintain
Adapts to evolving business growth



Handsets for Avaya IP Office

Avaya has a full suite of phones and peripherals. There is a solution for every size of business.

Ranging from entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones

Avaya J129 Handset - for Avaya IP Office

J129 Desk Phone from Avaya

Avaya J179 Handset - for Avaya IP Office

J179 Desk Phone from Avaya

Avaya H239 Handset - for Avaya IP Office

 H239 Desk Phone from Avaya



Devices for Avaya IP Office

The power to transform your workplace with smart devices

Avaya V179 Voice Conferencing


 V179 Voice Conferencing from Avaya

Avaya Collaboration Unit


Avaya Collaboration Unit


Avaya Vantage K175 App Driven Desk Phone

 Vantage K175 App-driven Desk Phone from Avaya



Unified Communications

Avaya one-X portal

Avaya One-X Portal for IP Office provides easy access to telephony features:
  • Call information
  • Conference and Call control
  • Instant messaging
  • Directory
  • Voice Mail Pro mailbox.
Avaya one-X Portal is web-based so there is no requirement for software to be installed on your systems.

Avaya Equinox

Hold meetings online with Avaya Equinox virtual meeting room. Use face-to-face meetings, anywhere on any device. Join in from any browser and avoid the need to install the software. Share documents and applications as if everyone was in one place.

Avaya helps you remove the barrier of distance so your productivity can soar. Bring your meetings to life with annotation tools and an interactive whiteboard because technology helps you drive your business. Avaya is a strong trusted global brand, consequently, it inspires trust.


User Licenses with Avaya IP Office

Function Matrix Basic User Office Worker Power User
Desk-phone Call Control
Place, receive Calls, hold, transfer or park/page. Conference
Access Telephony Features via Phone UI or DTMF
Web-based Access for Office Collaboration
Click to Place/Receive Calls, Pont and Click Call Control
Conference Scheduling.
Control Audio Conferences.
Federated Presence and Instant Messaging
Personal, System and Corporate Directory Access
Visual Voicemail
Rich Collaboration for Remote and Mobile Workers
Turn your Home Phone into your Office Phone
Avaya Equinox Experience
Integrate with the Applications you already have
Microsoft Outlook / Lync
Google Talk (IM & Presence)
Voicemail Integration
Standard Voicemail Box
Store Messages within Microsoft Exchange
View Voicemail and Email in a Single Inbox



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