Call Recording


call recording

Here are a few of the key features we really like:


  • Calls can be played back straight from the portal – no need to download the call.
  • Users can pause and resume recording straight from their handset – no need to use short codes.
  • Internal Calls are now recorded.
  • Multiple playback speeds
  • Multiple user rights – Allow staff only access to calls.
  • Reports – Run call/Audit reports on users.
  • No charges for cloud storage – this is now unlimited! There is simply a fee charged per user depending on how long you would like to store the calls(you can of course still choose to download the calls yourself locally)


call recording pricing

For example, if you wanted to keep 6 months of call recordings and you had 8 users it would cost:

£2.50 x 8 = £20.00 +VAT

Customers currently using the old system could make substantial savings!

If you would like to move over to the new system (and we anticipate most will) it is necessary to download all of your current call recordings from the old system.

See how user roles can be defined:

We anticipate a high demand for the new call recording feature. Either call us for more information, to discuss the switch or email using the below:

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