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Brita Vivreau

The Product

Landline & Mobile

The Customer’s Issue

The customer was struggling with an existing phone system and wanted to replace it. Their supplier was difficult to get hold of and calls cut out at times.
Vivreau had a traditional phone system which was coming to the end of its shelf life. They had an expensive maintenance contract and high call charges to their overseas offices in the USA, Africa and the Caribbean. There was no option for fibre optic on their business park. So how did we solve this and save the customer money?

The previous set up was inconvenient in a number of ways, for example when a new member of staff started or workspaces moved the customer had to literally stand on a ladder in their comms room and find the port. Now our customer simply has pre-programmed phones from us and we remotely amend the user details for the customer whenever there is a change.

The Managing Director uses “twinning” to answer calls in the office or on the move at his convenience as both the handset in the office and his mobile phone ring at the same time.

Broadband was erratic so adding a leased line created a stable, powerful connection with 99.9 uptime so incredibly high levels of reliability. This smooth and stable connection is a necessity as all telecoms and p.c.’s go through this connection.

The new VOIP system enables the client to self-manage their telephony system reporting; have the option of integration with their CRM system, ease of use and numerous additional features such as voice mail to email.

We also provided the customer with handsets that enabled them to use signature and stylus hardware with bespoke software to obtain electronic verification signatures when they deliver to their customers.

Additional financial benefit to the client

In addition to free calls to mobiles and landlines, our customer has received 40 new phones at a value of £150 each. Therefore our customer has received £6000 of free hardware to enable them to have capital expenditure of £0 for a move from traditional telephony to VOIP.

The customer now experiences significant cost savings for international calls (at least 50% on previous call charges). Call quality is vastly improved.

The customer has future proofed their comms, improved efficiency and saved money.

Our Customer Commented

“BRITA Vivreau have been working with Comms Connect for a number of years now. Originally supplying and maintaining our mobile phones and pdas, it was not too long before they were installing a brand new cloud based telephone system, which far surpassed our expectations. During 2016 we moved offices, which was quite a stressful time for all concerned. It helped immensely that we were able to rely on Deniz and Cem to ensure that our new Leaseline was installed, the internet was connected and all phones were in and working for our first day in the new office. It is good to know that Deniz and his team are always contactable if needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Comms Connect to another organisation.”