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Fusion Customer Review

The Product

Fixed line, mobiles & leased line with built in disaster recovery.

The Customer’s Issues

The client’s existing set up linked desk phones and mobiles, however it didn’t work properly. Long wait times and poor service was common. The existing VOIP system was very unreliable and account managers were rarely available when needed, the client experience was frustrating and stressful. Small changes such as an additional extension appeared to take an age.

A sudden phone wipe out affecting the whole of the business park in July 2016 threatened commercial disaster.

How we solved it?

As the mobile phone contract was up for renewal the customer was considering options with improved customer care that could take away some of the administrative headache of the growing responsibility of their telephony to free up staff time. Response times are much faster than dealing direct with the network.

In order to solve the initial technical issues our client was experiencing we put in the new VOIP system and allocated an account manager. No more lengthy delays.

We then offered our client the option to take up a kit fund arrangement which enabled Fusion to significantly reduce their administrative time and have an even faster response time. This enabled them to focus more time and energy on their own work projects.

What is a kit fund?

A kit fund can be advantageous as rather than go through all the administrative processes necessary when each new handset is required a fund of money is allocated at the start of the year, the client simply calls and requests a new handset and it is ordered and dispatch arranged (if we have stock and handsets are ordered before 4pm our client has next day delivery). Even if a handset is not in stock handsets are usually with our client within 48 hours.

A Kit fund Example

If a client has 30 x lines with a budget of say £500 per handset there would be a budget of £15,000 with specified handsets. Comms Connect arrange ordering, payment and delivery of each handset at highly competitive rates.

Other Benefits Our Clients Experience

Changes to internal extension numbers are added quickly without fuss, an email is sent by our client stating that a new starter is taking over an extension and this is usually set up within approximately 20 minutes. If a new extension is requested as a business expands a new licence is managed swiftly at Comms Connect.

The combined benefits of the new lease line, landlines, a kit fund and working with a client focused business such as Comms Connect has taken a significant burden away from our customer’s staff and freed up time for more productive work projects.

Disaster Recovery

What is your disaster recovery plan?

Telephony is the lifeblood for most business so in addition to a highly effective regular service Fusion needed a secure disaster recovery plan in place. This is now secure and managed.

Fusion were able to test the disaster recovery plan in July 2016 when all phones in the area suddenly went down. The loss of connection was due to an external factor and not related to any Fusion equipment. Whilst other businesses in the business park panicked Fusion’s system was instantly re-routed to their disaster recovery number so that business could resume as usual. When, in addition to this Fusion wished to re-route to another number of their choice this was achieved within 5 minutes during the July emergency situation. There was no loss of business as a result. It was simply business as usual for our client.

The loss of business averted by a seamless disaster recovery plan can be significant. Our client didn’t suffer any loss at all, everything was already automated, is your business as secure?

Our Customer Commented

“We are absolutely delighted with the service we receive at Comms Connect.

Their IT department is both proactive and extremely responsive; in addition to being useful on a day to day basis this ensured we were able to avoid any loss of business during an emergency situation.

Our decision to switch to a kit fund approach has freed a significant amount of staff time, we estimate we have regained an average of a day per month.

The staff at Comms Connect are always friendly and welcoming and deal with our requirements promptly, efficiently and professionally. We would not hesitate to recommend Comms Connect to others”

This review features leased line information.

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