Data Cabling

Data cables transfer electronic information from a source to a destination.


Comms Connect provide a specialist data cabling service to our commercial customers. We design, install and maintain all types of data cabling to suit your project needs.

Whether you are moving offices and require new network infrastructure, or if you are just upgrading your existing network, we are here to help.

Our certified data cabling engineers provide an efficient and cost-effective service, which will not disturb your core business operations.

A Free Quote

Whether you are moving offices and require new network infrastructure, or if you are just upgrading your existing network, we are here to help. For a free, no obligation, tailored data cabling quote, contact us on 0345 370 5000.

No Downtime

We are able to offer an ‘out of hours’ cabling service where cabling works are scheduled outside of your normal business working hours to avoid downtime.

Cabling Health Checks

We perform cabling health checks on copper and fibre systems and can advise if they are able to support modern technologies. If you are moving to a new office and want to check if the existing cabling infrastructure is fit for purpose, Comms Connect can perform a cabling health check.

Maintenance and Fault Finding

We can identify faults and check the reliability and performance of an entire cabling infrastructure, or a selection of specified cables.

Complete Testing

We will fully test your data cabling installation, ensuring that it is certified to meet industry standards. Fluke test results are presented to you in PDF format.

We specialise in Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a and Voice

Why we recommend Cat 6a

Whilst Cat 5e is still used in some commercial spaces, it struggles to keep up with the demands for faster speeds, and only supports up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps). For optimum bandwidth we recommend Cat 6a, which has speeds of up to 10 Gbps. It works perfectly for fixed desk connections, Wi-Fi, and with CAT 6a.

What is CAT 6a

CAT 6a is a connectivity standard that allows a single network cable to transmit multiple signals, including UHD video, digital audio, ethernet, DC power and other control communication.

CAT 6a has a range of benefits including:

Longer transmission distances

CAT 6a technology can be used over one hundred meters in a single hop.

Cost savings

CAT 6a relies on low-cost Cat 5e / Cat 6 / Cat 6a infrastructure which reduces installation costs.

Enhanced compatibility

CAT 6a delivers multiple signals over a single cable, which allows you to reduce your cable collection down to one single super cable.

Easy installation

CAT 6a technology uses a standard Cat 5e / Cat 6 / Cat 6a cable, allowing easy deployment, testing and termination.

Superb quality

CAT 6a delivers smooth, uncompressed, UHD video in up to 4K effective resolution.

Why choose Comms Connect

For dependable data cabling expert you can rely on, speak to Comms Connect today on 0345 370 5000

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