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Business Energy


How we help?

We like to find clever solutions to make life easier for our customers and are now offering this to other businesses too. This is a great cost saving opportunity to help keep business energy prices low using bulk purchasing power. Regardless of the size of your business when it comes to lowering the bottom line; reducing business energy costs is a no-brainer.


Why do it now?

For many businesses, although cost saving may be described as a priority, the reality is that phoning suppliers to compare prices can be very time-consuming and can end up at the bottom of the to do list.

Additionally, without bulk purchasing power it’s unlikely that a company will be able to truly benefit from the lowest prices. At Comms Connect we are able to obtain bulk discounts, so don’t put it off just call or email your account manager today on their direct line or if you are not currently a customer simply call our main number and ask to speak to sales about energy on 0345 370 5000.


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All you have to lose is paying more than you need to!