Fixed IP SIMs for Disaster Recovery or Office Movers

We are very excited to have discovered this highly useful product. Billed as a pre-lease line or fail over product fixed IP SIMs solve a number issues. Our 4G Fixed IP SIM cards give you a connection to the mobile Internet with a public IP address. You can connect to your 4G device from anywhere in the world and use port forwarding to connect devices to your router.

What’s New?

Previously data SIMs enabled internet searches but as the IP addresses are dynamic, emails and other business critical systems that require a static IP address to work simply didn’t function. This changes all that.

Office movers

Waiting for a lease line installation but need to move quickly?

No problem. Previously IP SIM’s were fine for internet searches but little else as emails couldn’t work due to the dynamic IP address. Fixed IP’s solve this so you can move in and run your business as usual without the pressure to ensure a lease line  connection is in place first. Additionally, it is possible to upscale within an hour so if you realise you are getting close to your allowance;  simply scale up. There are so many things to consider when moving office find out more here

Disaster Recovery

Finally, an easy solution that enables business critical work to continue. Emails and business critical systems now work.  This is a very simple and easy to manage solution, just pay a small monthly fee then add data allowance which is triggered automatically when the initial data allowance is exceeded in the event of a disaster (for a 1 month minimum term) when you actually need it. This is disaster recovery with built in scale-ability.

Bolt on’s available:


Our Fixed IP Failover SIMs are designed to be used as a backup for when primary services fail.

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