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What we do?

Increasingly we see modern working practices driving change. Mobilisation coupled with rapid advances in technology have enabled more flexible and creative mobile solutions than ever before. Whether your business has a mobile sales team or empowered workers working from multiple locations we can provide the best mobile solution for your business. Mobile phones have become incredibly powerful business tools and Comms Connect have built their business on supplying business mobiles with genuinely great service. Don’t just take our word for it, see the independent reviews our customers supplied here.

Why Us?

The Best of both worlds
Comms Connect enable you to have the best of both worlds; the benefits of a market leading brand with the responsiveness, superb customer care and technical support offered by Comms Connect. We can look across the leading networks to find the best options for your business and also advise about optional extras such as bill analysis or Mobile Device Management to help you ensure all your telecoms are cost effective, compliant and easy to manage.

Comms Connect have been successfully managing the evolving and sometimes complex mobile communication requirements of our business customers since 1997; we are a name you can trust to find the best deal for your business. If you want to know about options for business mobiles that could really help your business, Comms Connect is the company to call. No high-pressure sales just expert solutions. Tel 0345 370 5000.

Total Account Management

We offer a single point of contact for all mobile queries from lost and damage to additional handsets and upgrades. Comms Connect Deals directly with the suppliers on your behalf, so you can get on with running your business. When it comes to service, in our experience some providers can talk the talk but struggle with the walking part! See what our customers say in independent reviews about our service


Business Mobile Deals

With new offers being released all the time, choosing the best tariff from numerous networks is time consuming and we may have access to opportunities unavailable elsewhere. Using a combination of great business only tariffs and our bill management technology enables us to beat down prices and strip out unnecessary costs for you so you can regain control. Time consuming administration can be managed for you to free up staff time.

As an independent specialist with strong, long standing partnerships with numerous networks our mission is to find the best fit for our customer regardless of network. Where savings can be made, we provide you with evidence to prove this.


Monthly reporting

Full account management services through Manage A Bill technology. If someone is racking up bills, calling abroad without the correct package to keep costs down or making lots of personal calls, you will know about it.


Don’t risk an overspend

Setting automatic alerts stops surprise bills at the end of the month. This can be set at 80% or 100 % of the spend cap.


One bill

We send just one bill whether you are with us for just mobile or landline too to keep it simple.

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For Travellers

For European Travellers

The EU ‘roam like at home’ rule means you can use your mobile phone while travelling in any other EU country without paying extra roaming charges. Intended for occasional travellers, your contract allowances apply as if you were home.

The below is an example of how this works in practice:

Joe lives in England and thanks to the EU “roam like at home” rules Joe does not have to worry about paying a surcharge for any calls to EU numbers he makes or receives during a business trip to Spain. Callers from England will be charged the domestic rate for calling Joe. If he calls a local Spanish number, his family in England, or another EU country, he will pay Irish internal domestic prices for these calls.


For trips further afield

There are different options dependant upon the network your tariff is with. Vodafone and 02 customers can benefit from world traveller which enables access to UK allowances whilst roaming worldwide:

EE have different tariffs for different countries, just call us to discuss the most cost effective option for your trip or regular overseas commute.



When our customers come to upgrade, we check the amount of data actually used, this means you know what you actually need to purchase. However, while the cost of data continues to decrease, the apps that use your data is ever increasing so it can be helpful to discuss this.


Sourcing the best deal for your business is so much easier with a B2B specialist.

We are not limited to only one Network, we work hard to get you great value so you don’t have to.

Already buying your mobiles from us and interested in hosted/cloud telecoms? Don’t forget we do a lot more than mobiles! Just call and let us help 0345 370 500


Switching to us

From 1st July 2019 an easier method of switching mobile provider was put in place throughout the mobile industry to switch an individual mobile:

To leave your existing supplier but retain your existing number you need to request your PAC code. You can either call your supplier or text 65075

To leave your existing supplier and NOT retain your existing number you need to request your STAC code. You can either call your supplier or text 75075

If you want information only, info can be requested by sending a text to 85075 or calling your supplier.

Talk to your supplier about the process for moving multiple lines.

Business customers will receive information within a maximum of 2 working days.


We offer all market leading handsets, compare review, specifications and choose your next one   – handsets

Already buying your mobiles from us and interested in hosted/cloud telecoms? Don’t forget we do a lot more than mobiles! Just call and let us help 0345 370 500