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Innovative Solutions

Whether you are a sole trader, looking for solutions for a small team or a larger workforce with complex and diverse needs we can find the right handset, tariff, or app to make your mobile solution work for your business.
We can suggest handsets with wifi- calling or wifi boosters to help overcome this.
Talk to us about apps that enable “twinning”.
Yes, we can help with that. Ask us about Apps that might suit your business.
We have an app that can help you do this. Only you will know that you are not speaking from your desk, giving you the freedom and flexibility to run your business internationally.
Sim swap, new lines, data or voice bundles, all arranged by your own account manager for you, saving you time so you can get on with growing your own business.
Yes, that is possible, some businesses require local area codes but work in more than one local area, so the solution is simply more numbers that all ring on your handset. This is clever and cost effective.
We can set a bespoke restriction per user, with helpful alerts.
We can talk to you about the best phone cameras to achieve this.
Companies needing to take lots of images of their work, for example a landscape gardening business may find that this is eating memory, there are cloud solutions or if customers are looking for something else there is an easy to use app called google photos, just give us a call to find out more.
We are often asked to help with this, and we are of course happy to help but here are some tips if you are switching to a new handset:
SMARTSWITCH – a helpful app if moving from either Android to Samsung Android, Samsung Android to another Android or Apple to Samsung Android.
Or use iTunes or iCloud for upgrades from one iPhone to another.
If the battery is under warranty we can run diagnostics for you with the network and arrange a faulty exchange. Tips and hints to help maximise battery life:
Initially when you receive the handset, charge for at least 12 hours (don’t be impatient!!). After the first charge wait for it to deplete before re-charging it.
Turn down the brightness on your phone.
Close down the apps (this helps with data and battery life)
If using social media and working with facebook, in settings > Auto play >never autoplay videos this saves data and battery.
We recommend downloading apps to help save battery life such as “Clean Master” as this auto hibernates apps.

Tell us what helps your business?

Tell us what would help your business and we will endeavour to find a mobile solution that achieves that for you? We can seek out clever innovative options to help your business evolve.
Looking for convenience when running your business on the move.
Conference calls, business banking, sat nav for locating that business meeting, pay congestion charge