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Mobile Device Management is fast becoming the “must have” for business following developments in the mobility and drive for flexibility within business and legislative changes such as GDPR.

The advantages for business are many and the costs relatively low in an age where:

  • there is an increasing awareness of the risk of a data breach
  • business is portable, the dividing line between home and office is increasingly blurred
  • confidential company data is increasingly portable
  • fast detection of compromised devices can save a company significant costs.
  • staff don’t want to carry multiple devices.

We recommend two distinct products and which works best is dependent upon which network you are with.
Please see which product below applies to your business:

For our Vodafone and 02 Customers

Mobile Device Management (MaaS360) is flexible regardless of whether you use Apple, Android or Windows products:

  • Apple MDM Security – Regardless of whether your business uses iPhones, iPads, Macs or a combination of the aforementioned MaaS360 gives you and your employees the power to embrace these endpoints securely and productively.
  • Android MDM Security – IBM MaaS360 works closely with Google to protect devices using the Android OS beyond their native capabilities, giving end-users everything they require without sacrificing security.
  • Windows MDM Security – From the latest devices running Windows 10 to Windows 7 legacy PCs, MaaS360 gives you one console to level the playing field of policies that keep all of these and your corporate data safe.

Choose from one of four options for our O2 and Vodafone customers:

EMM Essentials

this includes:
– Mobile Device Management iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 and macOS
– Mobile Application Management
– Container App
– Mobile Expense Management

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£ 2.00

EMM Deluxe

With Deluxe you receive everything included with Essentials (above) and additionally receive:

– Secure Mobile Mail
– Secure Mobile Chat

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£ 4.00

EMM Enterprise

With Deluxe you receive everything included with Essentials and Deluxe (above) and additionally receive:

– Secure Mobile Browser
– Gateway for Browser
– Mobile Content Management
– Gateway for Documents
– Mobile Application Security
– Gateway for Apps
– Mobile identity Management

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£6 .00

EMM Premier

With Premier you receive everything included with Essentials, Deluxe and Enterprise (above) and additionally receive:

– Mobile Document Editor
– Mobile Document Sync
– Mobile Threat Management

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£8.00

For our EE Customers:


– Secure Android, IOS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices using a single console MobileIron.
– Separate business from personal data to protect company information and employee privacy.
– Remotely wipe corporate data when a device is lost, stolen or retired.
– Block untrusted apps and endpoints from accessing cloud services with MobileIron Access
– Detect and remediate threats with MobileIron Threat Defense.

There are four levels of cover for EE Customers

Super Secure 4GEE starter

A simple and quick to set up for SME’s to manage their fleet of smartphones:

  • Configure and provision email, VPNs and WiFi
  • Restrict access to device features such as camera and data roaming
  • Enforce a password policy to secure devices
  • Remotely lock and wipe lost devices
  • Distribute and recommend business-oriented applications

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£2 .00

Super Secure 4GEE enterprise

Secure, manage and control your smartphone devices with either a hosted or on-premise solution. The market leading MobileIron service can be integrated into your IT systems to provide a higher level of security and control. This means you can:

  • Manage all smartphones from one management portal.
  • Fully configure, provision and lockdown your devices
  • Distribute and manage applications by creating a business app store specific to your requirements.
  • Connect directly to your Active Directory to make your mobile devices an extension of your IT devices, implement policy based access control and only allow authorised and compliant devices to connect to your network.

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£4 .00

Super Secure Enterprise Plus

To get more from your investment and further mobilise your workforce with enhanced content, application and device management services or with Samsung KNOX. This means you can:

  • Allow secure access to business content, from intranet content and network files, to email attachments or Sharepoint.
    Secure data at rest within business applications
  • Ensure content in transit is secured
  • Provide secure and controlled internet access

Rate per device per month for 12 month tenure =£6.00

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