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Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management is fast becoming the “must have” for business following developments in the mobility and drive for flexibility & control within business and legislative changes such as GDPR.

The advantages for business are many and the costs relatively low in an age where:

  • there is an increasing awareness of the risk of a data breach
  • business is portable, the dividing line between home and office is increasingly blurred
  • confidential company data is increasingly portable
  • fast detection of compromised devices can save a company significant costs.
  • staff don’t need to carry multiple devices

We have reviewed and tried out various options for mobile device management (MDM) and come to the conclusion that on balance one outshines the others – SOTI.

We are not suprised to note that SOTI has grown massively (and entirely organically) in recent years.

SOTI MobiControl makes mobility management easy. It simplifies the security and management of multi-vendor, multi form-factor and multi-operating devices in your multi-purpose mobility ecosystem – all through a single, easy to use interface.  SOTI MobiControl is the proven leader at managing special-purpose devices used in key industries such as healthcare, transportation, Professional services, logistics, retail, and field services. SOTI MobiControl takes mobility to endless possibilities and frees the workforce to transform the company’s business.

Great for Apple and Android


Why we chose it?

  • Multi-OS support – Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • The first EMM solution provider to support Linux mobile devices and IoT endpoints.
  • Partnerships with over 170 hardware OEMs provide the markets broadest device support.
  • SOTI Android+ combines Android Enterprise, OEM-specific capabilities and SOTI’s unique management capabilities to
    deliver complete and consistent management of Android devices, regardless of the device make and model or OS version.
  • Comprehensive Windows Management – From legacy Windows mobile and desktop operating systems, such as Windows
    XP/7/8 and Windows Mobile/CE to modern Windows 10 devices.

See how it works on video below:

Unique Business-Critical Mobility Features

  • An HTML-based kiosk that simultaneously locks down the device and simplifies the end-user experience.
  • Speed lockdown automatically locks the device when the vehicle is in motion to prevent distracted driving.
  • Polygon-based geo-fence allows you to create geo-fences of any shape or size and can alert you, or take pre-configured actions, when devices enter/exit the geo-fence.
  • Real-time location tracking to give you an up-to-date view of your workers/devices in the field.
  • Package deployment offers the most flexible options for deploying apps. Install and update apps silently on any companyowned modern or legacy device. Includes scripts with advanced logic for installing complex apps.

So easy to use

  • Drag and drop re-organisation of devices enables easy re-configuration/re-deployment of devices.
  • Granular search criteria based on over 150 device properties and custom properties helps IT administrators find devices
  • Hierarchical organisation of devices by location, business unit or IT function enables grouping of devices in a way that
    makes sense to the business/IT.
  • Dynamic charts that are configurable on-the-fly provide at-a-glance insights into device patterns to accelerate
    troubleshooting of devices.

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