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Simon Miller’s Office Move Review

The Product

Broadband and VOIP phone system; our customer was moving into a new office. This was a great opportunity but comms moves need to be handled well by experts to avoid a loss of business.

The Customer’s Issue

The customer was moving to a new site. It was important that all business communications moved seamlessly to the new premises. The customer naturally had a very long to do list and needed certainty that everything was considered and taken care of.

How we solved it?

Our customer was moving so we visited the new site and completed a site survey and advised the customer of our recommendations. This was a new build site, we provided our customer with a schedule of events so that they were fully aware of what would be happening week by week. We ensured that all business comms were moved smoothly avoiding down time for our customer.

We then provided training for the new more efficient equipment provided at the new premises. The transition was smooth and easy for our customer.

Our customer had the following comments about their office move.

I am writing to thank you on behalf of Simon Miller Architects for the provision of the new telephone system for our office.

Your company managed to deliver a system that is comprehensive in its facilities, at a reduced cost to that of our last system.

Your expertise in this field proved invaluable in terms of our understanding of the product and also educating us for our future client projects.

We are delighted with your company’s service, we found it a pleasure to work with you and Cem whilst your pricing was very competitive. Your thoroughness and quality of service has been excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other clients and acquaintances.

Featured products in the above customer review include Business Phone Systems and broad band

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