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Technical Support and access to experts We have expanded to offer more technical support than ever before, so now is the perfect time to join us.

We won’t leave you with products that are not working for you, we endeavour to ensure a joined up service is provided. No patronising fob off, we have highly skilled technicians here. Equally if you are highly technical yourself we can ensure you have someone that talks your language available quickly. Our expansion has enabled us to re-brand to encompass more great business comms solutions than ever before.

Comms Connect is about a cost effective solution that works for your business, we can help you look at the big picture for your business communications.


Join the growing number of businesses who are pleased they found out about Comms Connect.


Technical Directors/Managers

If you are responsible for business comms for your company and want to discuss specs. and connectivity please use the form below to contact our technical department and chat to someone who speaks your language.

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