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Horizon + Akixi = The Ultimate Business VoIP Phone System





Horizon Phone System is a complete business VoIP phone system. Hosted in the cloud, Horizon provides easy control of your fixed and mobile calling.

A full-control portal lets administrators manage and configure to your exacting needs.

Supported with software updates, new features and your route to unified communications.

Benefits of using Horizon

  • A flexible system that enables home working
  • Multi-site without buying extra phone systems
  • Scale your operation with more or fewer connections
  • Resilient to interruption as calls will be re-routed anywhere you need them, fast
  • Choose any phone numbers you like from Scotland to Cornwall or Premium numbers
  • Safe in the knowledge your system is secure by monitoring user call patterns


  • Call Recording, internal, inbound and outgoing See details and prices
  • Super range of handsets and devices
  • Mobile client app twinned with your desk phone
  • Multiple hunt groups to handle route the calls to the right place
  • Total control with an intuitive portal
  • Choose your sounds!




Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate improves productivity by increasing team working. Enhanced communication tools to collaborate and work wherever they might be.

Unified Communications
Video calling
Instant conferencing
Instant messaging

Horizon Call Centre

Horizon Call Centre

Perfect for dealing with inbound calls, from the smallest to the largest call centre. Managed from an intuitive web-portal.

Inbound call management
Call Queue
Assign to agents
Assign to supervisors
Total control with an intuitive portal




Akixi is the new “go with” tool to enable in-depth and complex reporting.

Being able to analyse call data, particularly for call centers, to ensure the greatest amount of revenue is generated. A visual representation of key measures used as an instant reporting tool so that others within your business can see results.

There are three levels of commitment:

Akixi Lite

This is a basic call logging service that includes historical call reporting. Akixi Lite offers scheduled reports. Cradle to grave call reporting. Trend analysis in intervals such as half-hourly, per day, per week or per month.

Akixi 1000

A business dashboard that helps you manage your telephony resources and usage cost. Akixi 1000 provides real-time call analytics. Scrutinise your customers, supplier contacts and staff in real time. Desktop wallboard included.

Akixi 2000 

Complete contact centre tool allowing you to manage your staff, campaigns and resources . Akixi 2000 is the perfect tool to help deliver outstanding customer service. ACD Agents Included. Desktop Wallboard included.

Akixi Wallboard


Akixi Features





Historical Call List
Calls By Half Hour Interval
Calls By Day/Week/Month
Calls By Telephone Number
Unreturned Lost Calls
Extension List  cross
Extension BLF – Presence
Trunk Interface List
Calls By DDI
Active Call List
1000 Wallboard
External Content
Hunt Group List
DND Extension List
ACD Agent List
ACD/DND Activity Log
ACD N/A Code Usage
Calls By Account Code
2000 Wallboard



Speak to our experts about the features, costs and Options

Our customers stay with us knowing we will respond fast, and resolve any issue. No waiting in a long queue for a call centre operator; you call us, and we take it from there.

Experienced account managers help you simplify the complex. Speed up implementation, and save you money.

Design & Installation
Comms Connect gets you up-and-running. Working with you side-by-side or a complete installation service from start to finish, our engineers know how to get it done.

Choose the support service to suit your business. We deliver cost-effective support to ensure reliability and availability of your communications.

Comms Connect business consultants spend quality time with you.
They learn about the communications you need now and for future growth.


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VoIP Phone System FAQ’s

VoIP works by sending “packets” of data (the voice signals) that include the caller’s and receiver’s IP addresses. Packets are passed back and forth at exceptionally high speeds to allow for a free-flowing conversation. These data packets provide the ability to hold far more information than ever before.

VoIP historically had a poor reputation for stability, today the situation is vastly improved. So long as the system is correctly installed and managed.

There are three critical areas to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of reliable VOIP:

  • Choose a good solution such as Gamma Horizon
  • Your Broadband Connection (talk to us about this)
  • Set up, i.e. configuration of the system through Comms Connect

The big advantage of VoIP Phone System from Comms Connect is free calls. Calls are handled more efficiently. You have an easy access portal which provides useful information about your telecoms.

Our system is packed full of features, such as Call Queuing and Hunt Groups plus some other great options our clients are truly in control of their calls 24/7.

Twinning is another popular feature. This is controlled from the portal on each handset, this is useful if you need to leave the office and want to continue to receive calls. Calls will ring on both your handset and your mobile phone at the same time so you can answer whichever phone is to hand wherever you are. Simply switch this feature on or off from the portal.

Staff can benefit from useful features such as Call Record and Statistics to manage their workload and improve performance.

Other features include:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Auto attendant
  • Call recording
  • Call waiting
  • Music on hold
  • Assign calls to cost centres using account codes
  • Company directory
  • Call recording
  • Call history

Yes. Hunt groups are very popular with companies managing a high number of inbound calls. It is an easy way of distributing calls from a single number to a group of operators.

If a landline/mobile call is busy, then the call diverts to the next available option.

Circular hunt group sends the incoming calls to users according to their position in the list. After a call has been answered, the next call will be answered by the second person on the list following the user who answered, then the third person and so on.

Most Idle
Calls are sent to whichever line has been idle the longest.

Weighted calls
Weighted calls are passed to your best agents first, then if busy then calls are passed to the next agent and so on.

All simply controlled from an online portal.

Use the dashboard to make amendments. It is easy to add and edit users, manage voicemails and welcome messages whilst monitoring usage and recorded calls.

The Dashboard enables clients to monitor:

  • The number of calls received
  • The length of time spent on calls
  • Who is making the calls
  • The number of calls
  • Call outcome (answered, missed, geographical location etc.)

This is shown in easy to use graphics

As soon as new features are developed and released you will benefit. As well as upgrades and optional integrations with third-party applications.

This is an option that grows with you. With hosted VoIP you never have to worry about the capacity of a dedicated communications center (PBX) handling the routing of your calls. All the hardware is managed in the cloud, so you can expand your business communications to your heart’s content.

We are happy to have a chat with you to understand what you need and send you prices and information.

Call 0345 370 5000 or email contactus@commsconnect.co.uk to find out more.

Tel: 0345 370 5000
or email contactus@commsconnect.co.uk